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"Simon" Mimic Dice/Chalk bag

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"Simon" Mimic Dice/Chalk bag

Simon may look like he's got bite but he's really soft on the inside...
Hand-made from high quality suede, veg-tan leather and faux-fur, this softy will gladly guard your precious dice at the table or apply chalk to your precious fingers on the wall (don't reccomend doing both - chalky dice might not be great)
Featuring a luxury furry interior and drawstring action, you'll always know where to reach.
Can hold up to 12 sets of dice or a standard chalk ball with hand-room.

Bags are hand-made and as such, will be slightly different from one-another.
Faux furs may vary in tone but I will always try to use a fur that matches well with the tones being used.
Please allow a few days for manufacture.